Market Gap: VMware for OS X

I’ve got a new post over on The Apple Blog looking at the potential market gap of a VMware like application for OS X. Here’s an excerpt:

Throughout the course of my life I’ve had cause to have more than one machine available to me for my work. Not because I have more than one set of arms and eyes and amazing multi-tasking capabilities, but because vast quantities of my work generally involve setting up temporary environments, and even entire networks. I don’t want to set these up on the machines I use for everyday work. If I’m trying out a particularly nasty piece of beta software it could take me hours – even with regular backups – to get back online. Quite aside from the fact that sometimes I need my main machine available to write up and make notes on the temporary environment I’ve just created.All this has meant that I’ve had to have multiple machines available to enable me to do my work. My home network contains more computers and computing power than many of my clients have spread among 10-15 people, but there’s just me in this office. Aside from the management perspective of a 20 machine network, the electricity costs are astronomical compared to just running a few desktops.

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