Logitech Cordless Comfort Duo Review

I decided to review my latest hardware purchase and the most important part of my computing setup – the keyboard and mouse – in the form of the Logitech Cordless Comfort Duo. Here’s a quick sample:

My favourite keyboard of all time is the Apple Adjustable Keyboard (AAK). It was expensive here in the UK (about $350), but the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used. I had three of them (I obtained a few before the official supply dried up), but since they were ADB only I stopped using them once one or two of the keys stopped working and my machines had migrated to USB only.Since then, I’ve been using Microsoft keyboards, in their elite/professional revision with the split distance/angle and built in wrist rest, much like my favorite AAK but with the adjustability. These have been fine, they are comfortable to use and with the supplied Microsoft software still work well with the Apple platform.Right up until a few months ago I was using a Microsoft Wireless unit, but it had some really annoying issues. I use wireless not because I like to work miles from where I can plug, but just because it makes the desk look tidy and prevents the issues of dragging a cable across the desk that can be uncomfortable.

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