BSD on POWER, Free Software Magazine Issue 3

This morning, my printed copy of Issue 3 of Free Software Magazine arrived. I know I should have got over the ‘Wow, that’s my name on the cover’ thing, but I haven’t. It still feels good :)When Chris finished his book he said ‘It’s great now I’ve got the final copies I feel like a published author’. Then I pointed out that today they could mock up some ‘books’ that looked like the real thing and nobody else would ever see them. It’s the seeing it in a shop on the shelf that gives the best ‘twinge’ still for me. Issue 3 includes my Running BSD on PowerPC/PPC article – all about using BSD on the PowerPC platform in place of the usual Intel, including what your options are and the issues surrounding them. If you want to see my name on the cover of a real printed magazine, head over and subscribe.